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[WooCommerce Store] WooCommerce create product categories lists with products on one page

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Video summary: This is a quick tutorial about design a UX friendly SHOP ALL Page in WordPress using Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

Objective: To create a one column category listing with 1 row of products listing each in a SHOP ALL page so that viewers may view all categories and some of their products per category.

How to do:
Add a New Page Add a one column Section.

Edit Section and add a relevant background image for this Section.

Then, pull in the Heading element and add a title (a category name).

Add another Section and pull in the Products Element.

Set columns to 4 and rows to 1.

On the Pagination Tab. Then, click on “Query” and under “Include by”, click on the dropdown option “Term”.

A new field will then appear called “Term”.

Click on the field and type in the name of the category to pull products out from that category.

When you see the category appear in the dropdown, select that category.

Repeat for the rest of the categories listing.


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