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How to Change the Look and Feel of WooCommerce Category Page

The standard Category Page for WooCommerce can be boring, and you are free to customize your categories pages your way using the Elementor Pro Theme Builder. First, go to Theme Builder under Templates in Elementor Pro and select “Products Archive”. You will then enter the Elementor Editor page where you may now set in the

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How to Create Scrolling Products Carousel using Elementor Pro

Most eCommerce websites have homepages that showcase some products in some form of layout. One popular way to showcase products would be to use the Carousel Element. Do note that this element is only available for those using Elementor Pro. Here’s how to use the Carousel Element to display your products: First, look for the

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How to Freeze your Website Header using Elementor Editor

You may have noticed that some websites have their headers “frozen”. We use the term “Sticky Header” to describe such headers. So, when you scroll down, the Sticky Headers will always be in our line of sight. We set sticky headers to make it easy for our audience to navigate to other pages quickly, without

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How to create Hover Effects on Elementor Editor

You may have seen some eCommerce websites that have great hover effects. For example, if you hover your mouse over an image, it will show you another angle of that image. You may use hover effects when you display some product images on your homepage. In Elementor Editor, it is easiest to use hover effects

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How to create a link to get to the middle of a page

You may have come across some links on some websites that direct you to a specific section within a page. For some, it could be a link that scroll you down to the middle of the same page, and for others to another page but a bottom section instead of the usual top section that

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Difference between Margin and Padding in Elementor

For every Element in Elementor Pro, under the Advanced Settings, you will see the settings for Margin and Padding. Margin is the space between the selected Element and the Element next to it. So, top margin pixels will be the space allowed between the current element and the next element above. Right margin pixels will

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How to Create a Full Width Banner using Elementor

If you try to use the Image Element to create a full width banner and followed all the settings for full width content, you will still end up with a frustrating white border. Your image does not stretch across the screen like you would want it to be. To create a banner that stretches across

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